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Linda Beaver
40-42 Bland St
Ashfield 2131
Newtown, Stanmore, Inner West, Sydney

Linda Graduated From The Sydney College Of Homeopathic Medicine In 1990 And Has Been Treating Inner West Residents Of Sydney For 32 Years.

As an educator, Linda has been involved in the design, development and teaching of homeopathy since 1993, as a senior lecturer at Sydney College of Homeopathic Medicine, at Nature Care College and at Australasian College of Natural Therapies. Since 1995 Linda has supervised graduating students in the clinical aspect of their training. Linda continues to mentor naturopathic graduates wishing to extend their knowledge of Homeopathy.

As a senior member of the homeopathic profession in Sydney, Linda has lectured at many seminars both in Sydney and interstate. Her work has been published in both Australian and international journals. Most recently Linda's work has been included in the book "An insight into plants" published by Dr Rajan Sankaran. Linda is one of only four Australian homeopaths to be recognised by Dr. Sankaran in this way.

The Autism Support Project

Linda Beaver is the director of The Autism Support Project at The Newtown Homeopathic Centre. The aim of this program is to provide affordable treatment to children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder.

In November 2013 Linda launched the Autism Support Project to provide subsidised care for children and families affected by autism. This is possible because the Autism Support Project receives donations that facilitate both the subsidy as well as our ongoing research into treatments for autism.

The children have difficulties such as speech delay, meltdowns, disinterest in food, constipation, diarrhoea, abdominal bloating, frequent infections, emotional disconnection and slow growth. Parents and siblings are encouraged to receive treatment so that the family as a whole can benefit.

Nutrient and toxic element testing using hair analysis for children can identify defficiencies such as zinc or excesses of mercury, lead and copper.

"Challenging Children, Success with Homeopathy"

Linda is a key contributor to the book "Challenging Children, Success with Homeopathy" by Linlee Jordan, 2007. The book,"Challenging Children", presents cases from homeopaths around Australia; a contemporary look at real cases of Australian kids who have been helped with homeopathy for conditions such as ADHD, autism, tantrums, anxiety and concentration problems.

The cases are easy to relate to and offer inspiration, insight and hope to everyone working and living with challenging children: parents, teachers and health practitioners alike.

Linda's contribution to Challenging children is Angela's story.

A highly sensitive child, Angela was prone to sickness so that even a minor stress would lead directly into a bout of illness. Following a course of homeopathic treatment Angela became more hardy and robust. Now she bounces back without becoming ill and handles stress much more easily.

Linda is frequently called upon to treat sensitive children.

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  • Dip. Hom. Med. [Syd]
  • Member of: AHA [Australian Homeopathic Association]
  • Registered with: AROH[Australian Register of Homeopaths]

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